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Governors Harbour Collection

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Eleuthera is approximately 250 miles east of the Florida coast and 50 miles east of Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas. Situated between the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other.

There are three airports on the island of Eleuthera.

Governor’s Harbour Airport (GHB) — as the name suggests, the airport is situated just 13km north of Governor’s Harbour and a short 15 minute drive.

North Eleuthera Airport (ELH) — the airport is situated near Harbour Island in the north. There tends to be a lot more flight options into this airport, so it is worth checking out. Car rental companies will meet you at either airport, but there is usually a surcharge for them to travel to North Eleuthera of around $60. This is still well worth it as a taxi will cost around $130 (each way).

Rock Sound Airport (RSD) — situated in the south of the island, the airport is 42km south of Governor’s Harbour and a 40 minute drive.

Eleuthera Airport Map

Travelling through Florida

There are several airlines that fly into Governor’s Harbour Airport from both Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and Miami (MIA). Aztec Airways flies from the Fort Lauderdale’s Executive Airport to Governor’s Harbour with a quick stop in North Eleuthera Airport. Silver Airways offers direct services from Fort Lauderdale to either Governor’s Harbour Airport or North Eleuthera Airport. American Airlines offers direct flights from Miami to North Eleuthera Airport.

Travelling through Nassau

Once you are booked to Nassau, you will need to make reservations on one of three local carriers (Bahamas Air, Pineapple Air and Southern Air). Once you are booked to Nassau, you will need to make reservations on one of three local carriers (Bahamas Air, Pineapple Air and Southern Air). All three airlines fly to Governor’s Harbour Airport. There are regularly scheduled services for the 15 minute flight from Nassau to Governor’s Harbour in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Eleuthera directions map

Airlines Flying to Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera

American Airlines  |  (800) 433-7300

Aztec Airways  |  (844) 359-2982

Bahamas Air  |  (242) 702-4140  |  (800) 222-4262

Pineapple Air  |  (242) 328-1329  |  (242) 323-2420  |  (242) 225-1044

Silver Airways  |  US (801) 401-9100  |  Bahamas (844) 674-5837

Southern Air  |  (242) 323-7217  |  (242) 323-6833

Tip: There may be times of the year when these (and other small airlines) reduce the amount of flights to Eleuthera and other islands. While their normal schedules resume during the high season, it is recommended that you use your actual trip dates and/or make a call to the airline if you are planning your trip far in advance.


The Governors Harbour Collection consists Governors Estate, Squires Estate and Anchor Point Apartments and are all located in Governor’s Harbour, the capital of Eleuthera.

Eleuthera directions map

Directions from Governor’s Harbour Airport

Heading south from the airport to Governor’s Harbour is a short 15 minute drive. When arriving in Governor’s Harbour you will have the harbour on your right, keep going until you reach the Damiano’s / Sotheby’s Real Estate building, from here all of the estates in the collection can be reached.

For Governors Estate:

Take the left turn at Damiano’s / Sotheby’s Real Estate building and head up Buccaneer Hill. A the top of the hill go straight over the crossroads where you will immediately see the first [white] house on the left called Buena Vista (and the residence of Bob and Kathy Colman). For Peach House, turn left into the first driveway immediately after Buena Vista. For Tops House, Sweetcorn House and The Yellow House take the next left turn in to a second driveway where you will find The Yellow House is immediately on your right, Sweetcorn House to your left and Tops House directly in front of you. Most taxi drivers know where each house is located.

For Anchor Point Apartments:

Take a right turn opposite Damiano’s / Sotheby’s Real Estate building and follow the harbour road (Haynes Avenue) until you come to a loosely defined T-junction (at the Fish Fry). Take a left turn, then the second left just before a small cemetery. Make a quick right turn, then another quick left turn and you’ll see the two apartment buildings to your right with the Blue Room Restaurant on your left. Parking spaces are in front of the apartment building.

Download our printer friendly Location Map & Directions pdf.